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Tonnellerie Meyrieux / Sylvain

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An increasing number of international premium single malt whisky releases are incorporating a component of new oak into the maturation. French Oak provides a wide range of possible influences, from rich, round and soft up-front impact to more savoury and spice with subtle structure, length and complexity. Sourcing of the oak combined with how long and where the oak is naturally air-dried plays an important role in influencing the barrels final flavours and textures. Tonnellerie Sylvain in Bordeaux and Tonnellerie Meyrieux in Burgundy offer two distinctly different French Oak options. Both cooperages source oak direct from the French Oak forests enabling each to make a specific oak selection for spirit maturation. Master Cask has extensive experience in the application of French Oak which enables us to provide expert advice when considering desired maturation outcomes.

New French Oak barrels are available from 10L to 500L capacities.