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Kelvin Cooperage

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The cooperage was established in 1963 by Ed McLaughlin on the banks of the River Kelvin in Glasgow. In 1991, Kelvin relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, and is now operated by Ed’s two sons Paul and Kevin McLaughlin. The cooperage is ideally located for the natural air-drying process of oak with warm, yet moist summers and cold winters, including regular snow. Importantly the cooperage is well resourced for ongoing development of premium American Oak for the wine industry. From the outset Kelvin worked with leading winemaking consultants and established a style based on more complex American Oak characters proving a better oak, fruit balance for American Oak. For the 2018 Vintage all 300L Kelvin barrels will be coopered in Australia by our own SA Cooperage. Whist retaining the established characteristics of Kelvin barrels, coopering the barrels here in Australia will provide additional levels of efficiency and importantly further opportunities to refine the use of American Oak in Australian winemaking.

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