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Tonnellerie Sylvain Bordeaux

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At every opportunity Tonnellerie Sylvain continues to build an outstanding, results driven reputation with Australian winemakers. The cooperage style and consistent quality of the barrels are reflected in a longer standing international reputation as one of the benchmark French Oak coopers in the world. The cooperage is located close to Saint Emilion and initially developed its house style on the wines of this region. Today the cooperage produces a finely tuned range of definitive selections. The cooperage produces more than 30,000 barrels annually supplying 30% to iconic Bordeaux producers and exports 70% of its annual production. The cooperage is essentially the result of Jean-Luc Sylvain’s amazing drive and focus to control the fundamentals of barrel making at every stage of the process, resulting in skillful management of oak as a natural resource to produce barrels of the highest quality. Jean-Luc remains actively involved in the daily operations of the cooperage and most importantly the selection and purchase of standing trees direct from the state managed forests of France.

At a Glance

  • The Sylvain Cooperage style is centred around providing lifted fruit aromatics with fine, polished tannins supporting fruit structure and length with clean finish
  • Purchasing oak direct from forests managed by the Office National des Forêts (ONF)
  • Complete traceability from forest to barrel
  • Selections comprised of forest blending, grain selection and period of natural seasoning
  • Natural air-drying between 2 and 3 years depending on selection
  • Minimal toasting influence to ensure fruit purity is maintained
  • Outstanding International and Australian references


  • Véritas 100% French Oak
  •  PEFC
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